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Brigitte Bardot

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Dolores Costello

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From 1 to 29 October 2024, Teatro Regio presents for the first time in Italy Manon Manon Manon: a fascinating portrait from three perspectives of a woman like no other, Manon Lescaut. The central character of the Abbé Prévost’s sensational eighteenth-century novel, she has been an inspiration to no less than three great composers: Daniel Auber, who first brought the character on stage in Manon Lescaut in 1856; Jules Massenet, who composed his Manon in 1884; and Giacomo Puccini, who achieved his first great triumph with Manon Lescaut in 1893. Three independent, but complementary operas, three orchestra directors, three performers giving voice to one unique heroine, and three different casts for a unique “triptych” of portraits. With twenty-one shows over a single month, Manon Manon Manon is a true feat of artistic depth and production capacity, showcasing the worldclass standing of the Teatro Regio.

In order to highlight the specificities of each of the three works, the three productions have been assigned to a single director, Arnaud Bernard, who will develop a dramaturgical project centered on different eras of cinema, from silent cinema to the french cinema of the 60s.

Central to this project is Giacomo Puccini. With the year 2024 marking the centenary of his death, we have decided to continue this season’s tribute to the master, featuring productions of as many as seven operas by the Lucca-born composer, by commencing the 2024–2025 Season with the spotlight on his Manon Lescaut, which received its world premiere on 1 February 1893 at the Teatro Regio.

The schedule of performances has been designed to allow those who do not live in Turin to discover the 3 works over several days in a row, also the opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

Giacomo Puccini

Manon Lescaut

1 — 26 OCTOBER 2024

In Puccini’s hands, the story of Manon, an eighteenth-century femme fatale hopelessly in love with the student Des Grieux, but also with a life of luxury, becomes a compelling, fast-paced drama

Jules Massenet


5 — 29 OCTOBER 2024

The opera premiered at the Opéra-Comique in Paris in 1884, achieving overwhelmingly popular success, with the audience repeatedly calling out the singers and composer for encores and curtain calls

Daniel François Esprit Auber

Manon Lescaut

17 — 27 OCTOBER 2024

Scribe transformed Manon into a frivolous young woman, who sincerely falls in love with Des Grieux but has the misfortune to always find herself in the wrong place at the wrong time

Discover Torino

Lively and elegant, Torino is a city immersed in greenery, with over 300 km of tree-lined avenues and countless parks: gently leaning against the hills and embraced by the Po, it owes much of its charm to its enchanting geographical position at the foot of the western Alps.
Torino is an “aristocratic” city  founded  more than two thousand years ago by the Romans and  whose vestiges are still visible in “her” main monuments, streets, squares and underground.
The first capital of Italy invites you to discover its ancient and modern history, the Royal Residences, the palaces and museums, the parks and tree-lined avenues, the river and the mountains, the historic restaurants and cafes, the long arcaded streets and the multiethnic neighborhoods, the great events and the many small pleasures that have always made it unique, in a harmonious balance among the rational Roman urban planning, the moderate splendor of the Piemonte baroque and the originality of modern and contemporary architecture, like the Teatro Regio, founded in 1740and reborn in 1973 thanks to the genius of Carlo Mollino.
Torino must be discovered slowly, step by step, even by walking through streets and squares looking all around you, even upwards, and above all, the city has to be lived. For this reason, there are some things that are absolute “must-dos”, “must-sees” and “must-tastes”.
Here is our Torino, a city you don’t expect!
© Turismo Torino

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